Amateur Team Area Registration

We have several amateur Team tents locations; all include parking for one vehicle or standard size trailer (fits into 10’x18′ parking space).

  • Santa Cross Village – Red Zone: $125, central, close to registration, equidistant from, start, finish and pit. Set up next to your car. SOLD – OUT
  • North Pole – Blue Zone: $95, The Base of Mount Krumpit. Tent on the World Cup race course. Park nearby in blue parking zone.
  • Maxx’s Dog House – Purple Zone: $75, the South Pole Infield. Near the pit and the all new Jingle Cross Music Stage and new Polar Pub Beer station.  SOLD – OUT
  • South Pole Village – White Zone: $65, Along the World Cup Expo and near food, beer and more. SOLD – OUT
Tent Location