Jingle Cross Cyclocross Oct 14-16 Cancelled

Jingle Cross elected not to pursue a World Cup and informed the UCI and Flanders Classics late last fall. Instead, we were excited to pursue our USCX series, a globally televised US based series we at Jingle Cross and our good friends at Rochester CX arranged with GCN to stream around the world over a 4-year period. We invite two other US events to join us each year for an exciting 4 venue, 8-9 race series with Masters, Juniors, Single Speed, and UCI men and women.

As per the usual routine, all US promoters got together with USA Cycling and collaborated to create the US calendar. Jingle Cross was given the weekend of October 14-16 for a C1-C2-C2 weekend over 3 days. No other UCI events were on that weekend in North America at that time. A few weeks later, and more than 2 months past the typical world cup deadline, the UCI awarded a World Cup to a nearby city on the same weekend. No advance notice was given. Initially, both events were included on the UCI calendar but then Jingle Cross disappeared from the UCI’s calendar without notice and we were left with the task to reschedule yet all other dates already spoken for in the US. Attempts to reschedule were unsuccessful. In summary, we regret to inform you Jingle Cross is cancelled. 

As the Jingle Cross founder and race director, I am very proud of everything Jingle Cross has accomplished over the past 18 years. Over that time span, we brought you nearly 30 C2’s, a dozen C1’s, 5 World Cups and hundreds of amateur races for riders of all ages and abilities. We set the bar high for event promotion, quality, and organization. We created a unique and fun experience for people of all ages and abilities. The Jingle Cross brand became globally recognized and will be forever remembered as an exciting and challenging event with world class hospitality and amazing entertainment. 

I personally want to thank all the sponsors, participants, and contributors who made Jingle Cross so special every year. In particular, I am most proud and humbly thankful to the city and great people of Iowa City and our all-volunteer work force who labored tirelessly year after year to bring you the best in world class cyclocross paying meticulous attention to every detail for the teams, sponsors, participants, and spectators. And as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit charity organization, we did it all for our Children’s Hospital.

Hope to see you down the road.

All the best

John Meehan, MD

The Grinch