Amateur Team Tent Reservations

Villages for team tents near the start of each gravel event one 10 x 10 spot an place to park your vehicle. The new Green Zone has parking about 75 feet away. The Blue and White zones have parking about 200-300 feet away. The Red and NEW purple zone have parking in front of your tent.

  • Santa Cross Village – Red Zone: Central, close to registration, equidistant from, start, finish and pit. Each tent space is adjacent to your car or trailer space: $100
  • North Pole Village – Blue Zone: $95, North Field (Base of Mount Krumpit descent). Tent on the race course. Park nearby in blue parking zone. 
  • South Pole Village – White Zone: $75, Near World Expo, food, beer, entertainment, and more.
  • Packed Powder Purple Zone: $125, This is a new zone, created as the Red and Green sold out. This is near World Expo, park directly in front of your tent. Only 1 left as of 10-10-21, must be purchased through

Other important information:

  • You are reserving a space in your selected zone but not a specific spot within that zone. Each spot is first come – first served basis.
  • Please arrive together if you want two or more spots next to another person in the same zone.
  • It gets very windy in Iowa; Secure your tent with cinderblocks and/or water bucket tie downs.
  • Your tent can stay up for all 3 days. But be sure to remove valuables each night.2
A few spaces are still available. Please visit to purchase your spot.