Course Features

Mt. Krumpit

Mt. Krumpit has become legendary in cyclocross circles as the most infamous cyclo-cross feature in all of North America. It has features within a feature… The Krumpit Run-umpit, The Bobsled Bomb, The Frostbite Forest, The Luge Run, The Crumpet Klimb and The Alpine Slide.

No matter how you go up or how you go down, there’s a big party all around!

The Bobsled Bomb

This will be the first descent off of Mt. Krumpit during the World Cup Race. This fast and furious fall has twists and turns and great views of the South Pole. Riders plunge from the top of the Krumpit Runup down the Bombsled Bomb and exploding into the Grinch’s Lair.

Luge Run

The Luge Run is the second descent down from the peak of Mt. Krumpit and it is certainly the most technical. With sweeping off-camber turns and a steep grade, the technical challenges will claim the less skilled riders as they sweep down the face of Mt. Krumpit and back towrds the South Pole.

The Chute

New for the World Cup in 2016, the  Chute is a straight downhill off camber descent takes the riders back down from the Krumpit Klimb and on to the third and final decent down Mt. Krumpit. It’s all downhill from here as riders pass through the North Pole field and onto the finishing straightaway and the finish.

The Grinch's Lair

Getting into the Lair is easy…getting out is the trick as the exit is narrow and, admittedly, really doesn’t quite meet UCI regulations. But its a rider favorite so we leave it in there for the USAC and C2 races! Let’s face it, even though it down’t quite meet the rules, it’s still a lot of fun to ride!

In 2014 we introduced the all NEW Grinch’s Lair. This 70 meter (220 ft) sandtrap is the largest in the North America! You better fly into the NEW Grinch’s Lair at full gas if you want to get out without a hitch! Better respect the Grinch or he’s sure to catch your wheel in the depths of his Lair! 

Jingle Cross Flyover

The flyover is a popular cyclocross element that you might see at nearly every cyclo-cross venue. It serves as what might be termed a “functional” challenge. Some flyovers are ridable while others are made into stairs. For the stair flyovers, riders must dismount their bikes and climb the stairs in one direction wihile riders or pedestrian passes underneath. Our flyover was constructed by Brian Eppen and funded by Geoff’s Bike and Ski in Iowa City.

The Double Flyover

The Double Flyover is a two lane highway fo rthe bike racers and is a bridge over the crowd. Riders to get up and over the spectators unscathed as they head to their first encounter with Mt. Krumpit Runup. They pass over it again much later in the lap on their way to the pit area. Spectators go under on their way to Mt. Krumpit.

Holly Jolly Hell-Hole

The Holly Jolly Hell-Hole is a rutted-in, swamped out creek bed off the south end of the main field. This muddy and messy technical challenge can make or break your race. Chris Jones learned that first hand on the first lap of the 2011 UCI Friday night race only to go ass over tea-kettle creating a huge bottleneck. 

Cross Barriers

The Cross Barriers are a standard in just about every cyclocross race. You can only have one set in a UCI course and they must be 10 meters apart with no more than 2 barriers. It used to be a rule that they had to be exactly 40 cm in height but that rule changed a few years ago so shorter barriers are popular…which invites bunny hopping! Our barriers are put right in the middle of the main field in plain site for all the Who’s of Whoville. Hurdle them on foot or try to clear them on the bike if you have the skills. Watch some of our videos and maybe you can learn the technique!

Pit Area

UCI rules for a World Cup dictate a bidirectional pit area where team mechanics stay to help if their rider has a mechanical problem or needs a bike change. Riders will hit Pit 1 soon after the Holly Jolly Hell Hole. Then after a couple of times up and down Mt. Krumpit, they hit Pit 2 for the second pass by the Pit Area. The Pit is where the really cool team aspect of cyclocross is seen and makes it like NASCAR. A quick pit crew can exchange a bike so fast it looks like they never stopped pedaling. Entry and exits are always marked with a yellow flag. If you enter the pit, you MUST take service or exchange a bike or you will be disqualified.

Frostbite Forest

The Frostbite Forest is a true outdoorsman’s element with sharp turns, up and down rolling terrain. as a trail of our winding cross course takes you up (or down) from the base of Mt. Krumpit all the way to the summit. We throw in a bridge to get you over a creek but the rest is up to you!  And if you think these dips and short steep little foothills on the back of Mt. Krumpit aren’t anything you’ll get stuck in, think again! Our bulldozer got stuck in here when we built this trail and a rescue crane was needed to get it out!

Christmas Barn

No trip to the Johnson County Fairgrounds would be complete without a visit to a barn…so why not have one with Holiday Spirit. The Christmas Barn has many U-turns and twists. It takes technical skill and poise to navigate quickly. Efficient technical turns will gain you time. But if you don’t get through it fast, don’t worry…at least you’ll have Christmas lights and Holiday music to lighten your mood.