Jingle Cross

Doggy Cross

We are excited to bring you one of the friendliest and furriest events at this year’s Jingle Cross festival, The Nulo Doggy Cross. Bring your furry friend for the chance to win one of three Golden Dog Bowls Gift Packs for your pet. Three laps around the shorted Cyclo-dog course and there will be special obstacles for  dogs and some for humans.

Doggy Cross Rules:

3 Laps

  1. Weight classes for small dogs (under 30 lbs), medium dogs (30-60 lbs), and large dogs (over 60 lbs).
  2.  3 heats will go a few minutes apart by weight class, (Small, Medium, Large)
  3.  All dogs must be leashed at all times.
  4.  Owners MUST pick up their pet and carry them over the CX barriers. Keep hold of your leash.
  5. Owners MUST crawl through the Dog House on hands and knees (not hands and feet). Pets go with you, keep hold of your leash.
  6. Owners MUST rollover at the Dog Bowl. Pets do not but can if they want!
  7. Owners must carry poop bags and pick up after their pet before, after and DURING competition immediately when their pet goes.
  8. First pet with owner attached in tow across the finish line wins!
  9. This is a free event! But you will need to register at BikeReg.com.
  10. Grand Prize is the Golden Doggy Bowl Gift pack with many things for your pet.