IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The Jingle Cross was scheduled nearly a year in advance for the weekend of October 15-17, 2021, the bye weekend for the Iowa Hawkeye football season…at least it was the bye weekend initially. But as fate would have it, University of Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta, the Iowa Hawkeyes, and the Big Ten changed their football schedule after our dates were solidified and unmovable and put Homecoming on our weekend. As you can imagine, this escalated the hotel prices through the roof. But we have solutions. We have several hotels just a little outside Iowa City all within a 15-25 minute drive to the Johnson County Fairgrounds and the Jingle Cross. These include hotels near the Eastern Iowa Airport, on the southern end of Cedar Rapids and in neighboring towns off I-80.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS EARLY. We also recommend to use comprehensive search engines such as KAYAK to find the best rates. We will periodically update this page with NEW hotel information whenever we can so please check back often. The posted rate information is subject to change.