Jingle GX Gravel FAQ

What is the UCI

The UCI is the Union Cycliste Internationale, the global governing body of cycling in both professional and amateur categories. They focus mainly on professional and Olympic level cycling events and athletes but also have influence on a few amateur level events such as road fondos and gravel fondos. They help establish the most major professional series and World Championships in all cycling disciplines. Their breadth includes road, track, mountain bike, BMX, cyclocross, and are now branching into gravel. The UCI headquarters is in Aigle, Switzerland.

Why is the UCI getting involved in Gravel now?

Gravel has been a rapidly growing form of cycling over the past 15-20 years. There has been a huge interest in determining masters and various age category champions on a national and world level. The UCI is hoping to help national federations and events create a global series to help determine world champions. They are not interested in governing all gravel events but would like to offer an avenue to help determine national and global champions. 

What is the UCI Gravel World Series?

The World Series is in its inaugeral year. Sponsored by Trek, the series is a 12 event qualifying race series intended to give athletes a portal to qualify for the UCI World Championships. Athletes that score well at any single UCI Gravel World Series will qualify for the UCI Gravel World Championships.

How do you qualify for the UCI Gravel World Championships?

There are two ways to qualify: 1) You must place in the top 25% of all finishers in your age category in any one single UCI Gravel World Series qualifying event. For example, if there are 400 people in a given age category, the top 100 will automatically qualify. 2) The top 3 of any age category also automatically qualify. This becomes important if a given age category has 12 or fewer participants, the top 3 will  automatically qualify which could exceed the 25% numbers in the criteria above.

How many UCI Gravel World Series events do I have to participate in to qualify?

You can participate in as many as you want but you only have to reach the qualify mark in one. Qualify once, and your in the UCI Gravel World Championships.

Are teams or domestiques allowed in UCI Gravel racing?

No. This is an independent race for individuals. Race on your own.

What types of bikes are allowed or disallowed?

Gravel bikes, cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, and even fat tire and road bikes are allowed. No assisted bikes such as e-bikes are allowed.

Are their tire width rules for the 2022-2023 UCI gravel world series?